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Walt Disney
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Listen to the text about Walt Disney and fill in the gaps:

Walt Disney was one of the most famous people ______________. He has touched ______________ millions of children and adults. He holds the record for winning the  most Academy Awards (26) and was an ______________ producer and animator. He created some of the most successful characters, ________________ parks of the 20th Century.

Disney was born in 1901 in Chicago. He developed ______________ drawing as a youngster. When he was ten, he ______________ world of theatre and cinema and ______________. He became the cartoonist for his high school newspaper. In 1920, ______________ animation company and his "Laugh-O-Gram” cartoons became very popular.

Disney wanted ______________ moved to Hollywood. He developed a character based on a pet mouse ____________. He gave the mouse his ______________ personality. Disney’s wife named him Mickey. Disney put Mickey in his first movie with sound, ‘Steamboat Willie’. By 1930, Mickey Mouse was the world’s most popular cartoon character and Walt Disney was ________________.

________________ Mickey’s success, Disney created characters such as Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. He then produced an animated _____________ version of Snow White, which was the most successful movie of 1938. ______________ movies followed, including Fantasia and Bambi. Disney ______________ entertainment empire, including his Disneyland theme park. He died of cancer in 1966.

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